In the war of talent, organizations are now striving to attract top performers through various channels.

Yet, finding high-impact means for selecting the right employees is equally important. This training workshop aims to equip participants with field-proven approach for designing a process which ensures the best people are selected systematically in alignment with corporate culture and competency requirements. Whether you are already a practitioner looking to gain a professional edge or need to improve in particular areas such as developing structuring interview questions and designing assessment score sheet, this highly practical and interactive course will definitely take your know-how to the next level.

Introduction to Competency-based Interview

• What Is Competency-based Interview (CBI)?
• Competency-based vs. Conventional Selection Interview Approach
• Integration into Talent Management Strategies
• Different Selection Methods in the Field
• Introducing the Competency-based Interview Process

Competency-based Interview Step-by-step

• Understanding the Job Role & Responsibilities of Interview Position
• Identifying the Key Competencies and their Behavioral Requirements
• Questioning and Probing Techniques for Fact Finding
• Effective Opening and Closing of Interview sessions
• Conducting Selection Interviews Do’s & Don’ts
• Assessing Objective Evidence from Different Sources
• Identifying Positive & Negative Indicators of Candidate’s Competencies
• Making the Right Decision for Staff Selection

We can conduct this training both:

  • online or offline
  • half day or full day

The training content is fully customizable based on your organization’s requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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