“Do you want to hire a continuous learning HR? I think you do.”

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, continuous learning has become invaluable, particularly within the field of Human Resources (HR). As organizations face constant change, HR professionals must continuously learn and stay ahead of trends and developments to effectively lead and support their teams. Recognizing this need, we have created the Professional HR Membership (P.H.R.B.P.) and Professional HR Membership (P.H.R.M.) badges. These memberships recognize individuals who are not only experts in their field but also committed continuous learners dedicated to ongoing professional development.


By fostering a culture of continuous learning, P.H.R.M. holders are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern HR, positioning themselves and their organizations above the curve. These badges signify a dedication to excellence and a proactive approach to mastering the latest HR practices, ensuring that members are well-prepared to drive organizational success.


Professional HR member (P.H.R.M.)

The Professional HR Management (P.H.R.M.) membership represents more than a title; it’s a symbol of your expertise and commitment to continuous growth within the field of Human Resources Management (HRM). As a P.H.R.M. holder, you demonstrate a deep understanding of HRM practices and a dedication to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices.


By holding the following professional membership:

  • You are recognized as a professional and committed continuous learning HRBP.
  • Authorization to display your professional membership status (P.H.R.M.) and badge on your name card or CV.
  • Access to a link to verify your Digital Credential, which you can present whenever necessary.


What does it mean to be a P.H.R.M. holder?


Expertise in HRM Role: P.H.R.M. holders possess a solid understanding of HRM practices, encompassing various HR functions and strategies. They are adept at addressing organizational HR needs and contributing to overall business success.


Continuous Learning: The P.H.R.M. membership signifies a commitment to lifelong learning. P.H.R.M. holders understand the importance of staying updated on the latest HRM trends, regulations, and best practices to drive organizational effectiveness.


Strategic Problem Solving: P.H.R.M. holders excel in strategic problem-solving. They have the skills to identify and analyze HR challenges, develop effective solutions, and implement strategies that enhance organizational performance and employee satisfaction.


Why Choose P.H.R.M.?


Recognition: P.H.R.M. membership acknowledges your expertise and dedication within the HRM field.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow P.H.R.M. holders and HR professionals for insights and career opportunities.

Professional Development: Access exclusive resources, events, and training opportunities to enhance HRM skills and knowledge.


How to Apply?


To apply for this membership, you must fulfill the following three requirements:


Criteria (1)

  • Hold a degree in any discipline and
  • Have at least 5 years of relevant HR experience *


  • Hold a diploma in any discipline and
  • Have at least 6 years of relevant HR experience *

Criteria (2): Hold a valid PROHR Community Membership.

Criteria (3): Participate in PROHR Community organized events/courses for a total of 6 accumulated hours in the past year or complete an evaluation assessment (short written assessment on HR Topic)



  • The validity of your professional membership will be contingent upon your PROHR Community Membership.
  • *Assessment required


Ready to advance your HR career? Apply for P.H.R.M. membership today!


Step 1: Become PROHR Community Member

Step 2: Apply for P.H.R.M.